If you haven’t yet you’ll probably mess up your IT. Today we launch WAY to fix that.

October 11, 2023

I’m digital native, I have used computers my entire life, all tools we use are in the cloud. We can deal with IT 😎!

That’s what we hear a million times from founders.

💻 In modern companies IT isn’t technically difficult anymore. There are no on-premise mail servers that need an IT admin to fix it when it breaks.

That’s why founders choose the “do IT yourself” mode. This approach results in a bunch of involuntary IT Managers. 🧑‍🔧

Do you know any involuntary IT managers?

The “do IT yourself” approach works when you are tiny.

Until now it fails brutally when you scale. ❌

  • Nobody knows who has wich devices,

  • Ex-employees still have access to company tools & data,

  • Company devices run on insanely outdated operating systems because people would rather climb Mount Everest before updating their laptops,

  • Involuntary IT managers are overwhelmed with IT loosing focus at their actual jobs.

We are building WAY to fix that. ✨

WAY makes it insanely easy, fast and secure for involuntary IT Managers to deal with everybody’s devices and apps 💨

🚀 WAY is your digital IT companion: It grows with your companies’ needs.

Start for free by renting devices at great prices and have WAY handle inventory for you. 🤑

🔌 When you need it: Plug & play all the things you need without having to integrate and pay for over-dimensioned tools that are designed for enterprises with 500+ employees.

⚡️ WAY makes it easy to set up your IT securely and ready for scaling without slowing you down or prematurely implementing too large and expensive tools.

We're here to help you do IT yourself!


Jonas, Cedric, Thomas & Nils