Does WAY only work with devices rented from WAY?

October 17, 2023

Of course not! You can now connect all your existing devices to WAY with a click. We really tried to make this as easy as possible as the process also requires some help of your colleagues.

This is how connecting devices to WAY works:

Navigate to the device you want to connect to WAY or create a new one. It’s important that the device is assigned to an employee. Keep this in mind when connecting a device you newly created.

Once you pushed the button the employee the device is assigned to will receive an E-Mail with further instructions to log-in and install a small piece of software.

It will give you all mobile device management capabilities including remotely locking and wiping a device and assigning security policies.

A little patience is required: It can take up to 6 hours for the device to be fully connected to WAY.

The lazy guys in your team will receive frequent reminders to finish the process in case they didn’t yet.

You can check for the status of device connection in your inventory tab.

We hope this makes it much easier to get your entire already existing fleet into WAY. From now on no more manual hunting for serial numbers or wiping devices during offboardings.