Choose your WAY packages yourself

October 17, 2023

A big part of our mission to make it easy, fast and secure to enable your team with devices and apps is to make our product truly self serve.

You are in charge of your pricing 👩‍💻

From now on you can choose your WAY-packages yourself in the WAY settings. If you started off with our free plan you can now easily upgrade and start automating your IT setup with our BASE package and a free add-on.

This is how WAY pricing works:

You will always be able to start for free: Rent or buy devices and have WAY handle your inventory by assigning devices to your team members.

WAY BASE brings all the basics to automate your IT setup

Once you decide to level up your game you can set the basics to automate your device- and inventory management with BASE package and +1 free add-on that you can choose additionally. We all love free stuff after all, don't we?

Sync Personio, Bamboo, Kenjo or any other HRIS

WAY BASE enables you to sync your existing, new and leaving employees from your HR system. When you add a user to your HRIS, WAY will automatically ask you if you want to conclude IT onboarding as well.

Connect all your devices to WAY and automate your inventory

WAY Base will also allow you to connect all your devices to the platform. All device information like serial numbers, operating system versions etc. are now collected automatically and always up to date.

Lock and wipe devices from anywhere

In case a device gets stolen or after offboardings you can easily lock and wipe devices straight from the device settings. Did your colleagues also "forget" to wipe their device when they were offboarded? You can now wipe their device with one click.

WAY BASE comes with a free add-on

You can choose from 3 add-ons to customize WAY to your needs. One add-on is always for free! 🍾🥳

Software Management

With Software Management Add-On you can grant and revoke access to your SaaS tools during on- & offboardings and let your team member request access themselves through our Slack-App. Also WAY will handle OS updates on Macs automatically.

Enforce ISO 27001 Compliance

Our Compliance Add-On allows you to apply ISO-27001 ready security templates that will roll out minimum password length, hardware encryption, firewall and all the other things you need to protect your devices with one click on all your connected devices.

Fully automate your on- & offboardings

With On- & Offboarding Pro Add-On you'll be even faster when equipping new hires or wiping devices after a colleague left: Automatically create E-Mail addresses during onboardings even without the Sotware Management Add-On and have WAY automatically wipe your devices after an offboarding. Soon you'll also be able to create standard hardware- and software packs for entire teams and to allow your employees including new hires to choose their own hardware from a catalogue you defined.