Freeing 1000+ people from their IT headaches

Freeing 1000+ people from their IT headaches

Linda Grote

People Lead @HeyData

"Even with a growing team, IT is no longer a nightmare. Thanks to WAY's easy-to-use platform, I equip, manage, and secure employee's devices without spending my evenings setting up or wiping devices and being overwhelmed."

Marie Luise

InfoSec @Talent2Go

"If WAY wouldn't do this, we would have to do all our on and off-boardings manually. It would be a real pain in the ass to keep track if our devices and applications were ISO 27001 compliant."

Olga Gúzman

People Ops @Kenjo

"When technical issues arise, panic is often the first response—but not with WAY. Faced with a new issue? No problem. A new team member? Click one button. With WAY I can assure you, IT is no longer a nightmare."

On- & offboardings have
never been that easy

Connect your HRIS and set up your hires with fair priced devices and software access within seconds.

Equip your team in 2 min
with great gear for a fair price

All WAY gear comes with 100% insurance (no hidden fees) and full flexibility to upgrade or return within 6 months.


Manage, update, wipe and
swap devices on autopilot

Track all your devices in one place. Let us handle annoying tasks like wiping and retrieving devices.

Fool proof security and
ISO 27001 compliance

WAY makes it easy for non-technical people to implement automation and security that so far only pros could bring.

What we get asked a lot

Who is WAY for?

What about renting vs buying devices?

Do you help us migrate all our inventory?

In what countries does WAY operate?

What will it cost us?

Free migration services

From smartphones to laptops and from headphones to keyboards. We'll guide you every step of the way to import all of your inventory in one magic overview.