M365 support for the rest of us.

Our AI and human IT experts handle all your employees' M365 IT issues around the clock, directly in Teams or Slack— from access requests to password resets and other IT issues— all solved in under 10 minutes.

ISO 27001 & SOC 2: Complete audit trails
for all access requests.

24/7 Support: Around-the-clock IT support
for your employees

No cure no pay: Pay only for fully resolved IT problems.

Neue- und Traditionsunternehmen vertrauen uns

AI and human IT experts

IT issues? Not on our watch! From access agony to hardware headaches, we've got you covered. We blend cutting-edge tech with human expertise for incredible IT support that solve your IT requests in under 10 minutes. AI isn't a feature for us — it's our foundation — and how you don't have to worry about IT support ever again.

Our AI resolves 70% of IT issues instantly.
Get answers and resolutions within seconds. If needed, our human IT experts step in to handle more complex problems.

Complex Issues? Our human IT experts got you covered.
When employees need help with complex or delicate IT issues, our AI gets our IT experts to step in and fully resolve the issue.

The WAY365 Effect



Sicherheit und Compliance

Ohne WAY365

Mit WAY365

Mitarbeiter verlieren 20% der Arbeitszeit durch IT-Probleme. Sie wissen nicht, wer bei ihren Problemen helfen kann, was zu stundenlangen Produktivitätsverlusten führt.

Mühelose IT-Unterstützung für Ihr Team. Mit nur wenigen Nachrichten direkt in ihren Teams/Slack können Mitarbeiter jedes IT-Problem mit Leichtigkeit lösen. Meist in weniger als 10 Minuten!

We play well with your software

No migrations needed, WAY365 integrates intuitively with your existing tools.

Our promise

Free until we fully resolved your IT issue

We put your IT support on autopilot — from access requests to password resets and hardware issues. We only charge for issues that we fully resolve (That's right, no lock-in).

Got questions? We’ve got answers

What types of IT issues can WAY365 resolve?

WAY365 tackles level 1 support issues, including access management for everything in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, Q&A around hardware and software, and general IT support requests.

How does the pricing model work?

You only pay for successfully resolved IT issues. No monthly subscriptions, just pure value.

Is WAY365 compliant with security standards?

Yes, we keep full audit logs and comply with ISO 27001 and SOC2 standards to ensure your data stays secure.

Can employees use WAY365 without contacting the IT team?

Absolutely. Employees can self-serve and request support directly through Microsoft Teams and Slack.

What if we don’t have an internal IT team?

WAY365 can act as your primary IT support, ensuring you never need an internal IT team for level 1 issues.